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Parenting 101

We all suffer from the choices our parents make in life, some more than others. On both ends, mother and father. Albeit, finacial, personal or just in general. A young boy takes the role the role of man, when the father feels he’s had a enough, a young girl is taught to be a woman, because the mother wants her to be strong, like her. The children are always the ones whom most of the burden goes too, especially if the parent see’s the person who broke their heart everyday, in the child’s face, daily. It took me today to learn i will never be close, or love, nor will ever get along with my mother. It’s one thing to talk down too a person, but to throw a back hand compliments in the process is just shitty. I don’t have any faith or hope at this point, especially with her. All i can just do is keep trying to do what i feel is right. I have no kids, no addiction, gun charge, jail record, bad credit etc. Yes, my job is shitty but i when i get paid i make sure i pay my “rent” it’s not much but i make due. Yet, to her it isn’t enough. I keep repeating in my head when it is my turn, to raise a beautiful child, they will never have to deal with my demons, like how i deal with my mother’s. Life will be kind and i will always tell him, her or them, i love em & that they can always come to me cry if need be, because i know what it’s like to not have that. I think we all need that security blanket persay, even as young adults. I supress mine feelings of it, my mother brings me to the point of tears, fustration wise. But it subsides quickly, because i was told it doesn’t solve anything, which is true. But still you need that shoulder to lean on, after a rough day per say. Maybe i will have it, one day. If not, my future son’s or daugther’s always got me when they need that shoulder lean on.